Timaru High School Old Boys’ Association (Inc.)

TBHS September 2018 #2 Newsletter

Please follow the link for the ninth Newsletter of the year. A pdf version is now available on the website.


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President's message

Gentlemen - This is to all Old Boys who responded to our recent survey and a reminder to all those who haven't got round to it as yet.

We want to thank you for taking the time to fill in the answers we were looking for. The Chairman of our Marketing and Membership Committee, David McInnes, reports that so far we have received 282 responses which represents 22.6% of the total number of surveys sent out. To be honest, we were expecting a much higher hit rate than that and if we keep reminding those who haven't got on to it, the percentage hopefully will increase.

The next step is to analyse all of the answers and more significantly to identify those Old Boys who are financial members and those who aren't.

To achieve this process, the Executive Committee will carry out a workshop in the near future to carry out this analysis.

The Executive Committee is determined to expand the Old Boys Association both here and in Australia as well as in other parts of the world and we can only do that by signing up new members.

You can become a financial member by going on to the Timaru Boys' High School website and you can fill in the survey by clicking on the link on the same website.

But overall, thank you for your responses to date.


Chris Moore
David McInnes
Don McCully

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As per previous emails, there is currently a National Survey being undertaken. If you have yet to complete this, please go to the address below, or go to the Old Boys website https://www.timaruoldboys.org.nz and click on the Survey link.

Reminder Letter from David McInnes:

Survey Link:

Scientia Potestas Est

Chris Moore
National President
Timaru High School Old Boys Association

Nick McIvor
Timaru Boys High School